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What is Endo?

When it comes to outdoor apparel Endo has you covered, or at least choice areas of your body. Covering other areas is your responsibility entirely. Endo is not liable for the parts that are left open to the elements.

We are an outdoor t-shirt retailer that gives you ways to boldly represent your passion, just short of tattooing it across your bare chest. If you so choose that method, we give you ways to cover it up in the event that you regret that drunken night. I mean, when you wake up in the morning and realize they left the last five letters off of the word bicycle, it’s something to consider. We’re here for you.

We know your mother probably told you to always wear clean Endo wear. But we say don’t be afraid to get your Endo wear dirty.

About Us

Endo is a Salt Lake City based company. No we’re not Mormon. But we do take advantage of the outdoor Mecca that is Utah. We are deeply religious and encourage the masses to get outdoors and worship nature at every opportunity. Whether you choose to pay homage by shredding the mountains or by grabbing hold of every jug you can is your choice entirely. We only have two rules – Respect nature, and bring your own energy.

Meet the Team

My name is Maria. My friends call me Maria. My really close friends call me whatever they want to call me. (Whoa, just stop right there ok?) I work and I play. I like some things. And I love other stuff.

TeraLea is going to great lengths to tell you all about her without you suddenly having a great desire to stalk her uncontrollably. So hold your horses, and there will be info here before you know it.


Valerie Hope makes her temporary home just outside of Salt Lake City, UT with her partner and invisible dog Max. Valerie grew up in Okinawa, Japan alongside the beach and now lives among the mountains. Currently taking advantage of million dollar satellites she climbs rocks in search of plastic containers with swag. When not working, Valerie enjoys tending to her veggies, designing, and stalking the internet. Valerie one day hopes to get 8 full hours of sleep and runs on apple juice.